Expedited Removal / Deportation Defense

Has your loved one been detained by immigration officials (ICE) at any of the following facilities in Ohio? We know your family may be located far from your location and we can help:
  • Northeast Ohio Correctional Center (NEOCC) – Youngstown, Ohio
  • Seneca County Jail – Tiffin, Ohio
  • Geauga County Safety Center – Chardon, Ohio
  • Bedford Heights City Jail – Bedford Heights, Ohio

Many attorneys do not accept detained cases because of the specialized knowledge needed, the expedited timelines, and the procedural difficulties. An entire case may be decided within three months, leaving little time to prepare a defense and gather evidence. Starda Legal is experienced representing detained clients and can provide you the best service.
  • Make personal visits to the listed facilities
  • Coordinate translation services if necessary
  • Petition for bond or parole quickly
  • Assist you in applying for the relief available to you
  • Represent you throughout your trial at Immigration Court

Asylum applicants often find themselves in expedited removal proceedings. Asylum is available for people who fear returning to their home country due to problems including persecution and violence because they are part of a protected class. We can help you present your asylum claim for:
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Nationality
  • Political Opinion
  • Group Membership
Typically you must apply for asylum within one year of entry into the United States. If you have missed this deadline, contact an attorney right away to discuss possible exceptions. You can also apply for a work permit and eventually, residency or naturalization if your case is successful.